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Case Studies

Citoborma 490 - Alito Colour Group  (Alito Colour Group)


The Alito Colour Group has installed two Citoborma 490 drills from Morgana Systems in order to handle a job that calls for the printing and finishing of anything between 8 and 14 million recipe cards each month for a leading retail chain.

Leading London printer Alito, which recently consolidated its operations on three sites into one purpose-built building in Leyton, prints the job on 220 gsm board using one of its three new KBA perfectors. It is then trimmed to A4 before drilling in stacks of 250 and final cutting to its finished A6 size.

The power operated Citoborma 490 drills are high speed units that can take anything up to six drill heads and have the ability to set up pre-programmed drilling patterns in seconds. For optimum performance on Alito’s application they are supplied with Teflon coated drill bits.

“Finishing on this job has to be completed in a time frame of 3 – 4 days”, comments managing director, Les Newnham, “and the constraints and possible penalties are such that we had to have in-house control. We started by looking at drill specifications on the internet and, having narrowed our search, decided that the Citoborma 490 was the model most likely to be sufficiently robust for the job. We have been very satisfied with the performance of the two drills and are considering the installation of a third.”

For further information contact:
John Clason
Morgana Systems Ltd
Tel: 01908 608888


Les Newnham
Alito Colour Group
020 8988 8700

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