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Case Studies

Guillotine - Adelphi  (Adelphi)


Large format digital printer Adelphi Graphics has upgraded to an EBA 551 guillotine from Morgana Systems to finish work from two HP Indigo 5500 inkjets.

Based in London’s Clerkenwell, Adelphi is a long-established company that successfully made the transition from repro-house to digital printer. Run by partners Alan Sawyer and David Bloomfield it now operates a thriving, mainly trade business specialising in large format exhibition work and short run digital printing.

“We needed to upgrade our cutting capability”, explains Alan, "and in the price range we were looking at the EBA had all the features we required. These included a compact design, a programmatic capability for repeat work, a generous cutting width and ease of operation". Their EBA 551 is also supplied with photocell guards and has side tables to increase the operating area.

“We have been very happy with its performance”, Alan reports, and it represents a big improvement in quality and productivity.”

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