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KB2000 - Great Yarmouth Printing Services  (Great Yarmouth Printing Services)


Great Yarmouth Printing Services is the first UK company to take delivery of the latest addition to the Morgana portfolio of finishing products – the KB 2000 perfect binder.

“A binder was top of our shopping list when we went to IPEX”, explains G.Y.P.S. managing director, Dick Claxton, “and when we saw how it performed in comparison with rival products, we put our name down for the first available machine”.

G.Y.P.S. is a general commercial printer specializing in big accounts and running an array of Heidelberg presses, including an SM 52 perfector. Working to turnaround times averaging 48 hours meant that it had become unrealistic to rely on outside finishing suppliers and the KB 2000 was purchased to save time as well as cut back on costs. “We opted for this binder”, said Dick Claxton, “because it was both extremely robust and absolutely simple to operate. Set-up is about a minute, which is a great help to us in changing over from one short-run job to the next.”

G.Y.P.S use it mainly to bind A4 books up to an inch thick, but the machine’s specification allows for a wide range of sizes and types of work to be handled.

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