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Case Studies

Package - Worthy Down  (Worthy Down)

The Design and Print Department of the MOD’s training establishment at Worthy Down, Hants. has installed a complete digital finishing section based on Morgana equipment supplied through Infotec.
Head of Department, Steve Allcock, chose the Morgana kit as part of a complete overhaul of his printing section, which also included the purchase of new colour and black and white Infotec print engines. “I wanted the flexibility of near-line finishing”, he explained, “with equipment that would give us ease of use over the broadest possible spectrum of functions.”
Following a visit by Steve and other members of his 7-strong team to Morgana’s Milton Keynes HQ, the equipment chosen includes a DocuMaster complete finishing system, a DigiCoater micro-format UV coater, a KB 2000 perfect binder and an EBA 551 programmatic guillotine.
MOD Worth DownThe DocuMaster exemplifies the multi-functional capability Worthy Down needed, as it offers complete bookletmaking capability at 1440/hr. with the option of stand-alone creasing and perforating and, with its square back facility, providing finished training manuals that could be packed in half the number of boxes previously required. The KB 2000 is particularly suited to perfect binding of digital output and could take work from more than one machine, while the EBA 551 with its programmatic capability was a replacement for an earlier and less sophisticated guillotine.

Steve Allcock sees the DigiCoater u.v. coater -supplied with a Morgana 8000 feeder- as a piece of equipment that will broaden the scope of the department’s operation as well as improving the quality and durability of a wide range of work. He is looking to use u.v. coatings on 80% of work that is currently laminated and expects to make huge time savings on jobs such as security passes, which are simple to print but need time to laminate and considerably longer to trim. “On jobs like this”, Steve reckons, “what used to take hours – and even days – can be reduced to minutes.”

For more information please contact Steve Allcock at MOD on 01962 887605 or graphics_studio@btconnect.com

John Clason at Morgana on 01908 608888 jclason@morgana.co.uk


“what used to take hours – and even days – can be reduced to minutes.”

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