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Case Studies

Booklet Maker System 2000S  (Premier Paper)

The brief

Premier Print & Design, Bournemouth, started life back in 1967. The digital and litho print company now specialise in waterless printing, offering the same quality as traditional litho print, waterless gives the advantage of being less harmful to the environment. By using vegetable oil based inks and paper sourced from either FSC certified or managed suppliers, the business can offer superb print with a clear conscience.

Peter Moritzen, Managing Director of Premier Print, commenting on the bookletmaking need for his business, explained: “Our existing bookletmaking and collating equipment was getting less efficient with age, and suffering from a lack of speed as well. We needed to invest to keep the business moving forward. The Morgana System 2000S appealed because of its compact footprint and its versatility – we are able to collate separately from the complete booklet making process when needed.” The existing system included ageing FoldNak and Watkiss equipment at the Bournemouth based print business.Premier Paper

The solution

Morgana Systems Ltd, Milton Keynes, the UK’s leading manufacturer of equipment for digital finishing, has installed the UK’s first Morgana System 2000S booklet maker following the recent release of the product. These new bookletmakers provide an extended range of performance variations from the suppliers existing DocuMaster products. With output capabilities right through to 3,000 booklets per hour, and the ability to create publications of up to 120 pages, the products can incorporate side-stitching, creasing, and a number of combinations of sheet and pre-printed sheets collation. Precise details of the specific models to be shown at Harrogate will be released shortly.

The result

Booklet products of 8, 12, 16 and 32 pages have already been produced on the System 2000S, with runs extending as far as 15,000 in one case. “Typically, order requirements are less than 5,000 copies, but it was good to know that the System 2000 could happily cope with something as substantial as 15,000 booklets,” said Peter Moritzen.

Commenting on the installation at Premier Print & Design, Ray Hillhouse, Sales Manager for Morgana Systems, said: “We are, of course, delighted to have been able to place our first System 2000S booklet maker in the UK. This modular system has a wide range of capabilities for digital print producers. We are sure that visitors to North Print & Pack, where the System 2000S will make its UK exhibition debut, will be impressed by the performance of the booklet maker, and the range of applications that it can support.”

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