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Digital Print Zone scores Morgana Hatrick


Digital Print Zone, Camberley, Surrey, has announced details of a hat-trick of post-press products purchased from and installed by Morgana Systems Ltd, Milton Keynes, the UKs leading manufacturer of equipment for digital finishing. The package consists of an AutoFold Pro, AutoCreaser Pro 33, and DocuMaster Pro.

Commenting on the purchase decision, Ali Buckman, director of Digital Print Zone, said: This investment has replaced several ageing items of finishing equipment and brought us right up-to-date with our post-print capabilities.

Digital print production has changed the way that customers want to buy printed products. Purchases are now more often made in quantities of 250 or 500 printed items, not 1000s. This is ideal for digital printing equipment, but the finishing end of production needs to be right for the job as well. Good finishing equipment is critical for a high-quality job. Morgana provides good finishing equipment, and its British built too, so we like to think that we are Flying the Flag here at Digital Print Zone.

Of the three items purchased, the DocuMaster Pro has extended the finishing options at Digital Print Zone the most: This unit has provided an increase in our ability to produce great saddle-stitched work. The square-back capability of the DocuMaster Pro solution is one example of the quality features provided by the Morgana equipment. Customers might not even realize that such a solution exists therefore they cant ask for it initially. Once they do know about the ability to produce a square-back on stitched work, and once they have seen it on their publication, they want it every time, simply because it looks better. We are now retaining and winning work because we can produce such a quality finish. Digital printers with other binding solutions cant provide anything quite like it!

Digital Print Zone works primarily for print brokers and graphic designers. The 12 strong team produce work for customers throughout the UK and in international markets. The company also involves itself in web design.

Commenting on the installation at Digital Print Zone, Ray Hillhouse, Sales Manager of Morgana Systems, said: Ali and his team represent one of the countrys leading digital print production houses in terms of the quality of work produced. We are delighted to be able to furnish their post-press operation with three Morgana products, and are especially delighted to see the DocuMaster Pro helping to win the company even more business.

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