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First UK DigiBook 300 PUR Binder at Concept

 Award winning digital print business Concept Communications Group Ltd, Bishops Stortford, has detailed the installation of the UK’s first Morgana DigiBook 300 PUR perfect binding solution.
The purchase follows a detailed review of the market by Giles Bowes, Managing Director of Concept, who said: “We have appreciated the need for PUR binding for some time – the stronger bind offered is ideal for our digitally printed products, which include a significant number of report and accounts jobs. Our customers do not want the regular hot-melt bind offering if it leads to pages coming loose after just one or two uses of the publication."
“Morgana’s latest product offering provides just what we need in terms of production speed – some 300 books per hour – and format. The more robust bind that PUR produces makes all the difference to high-end print jobs such as report and accounts work. The machine also requires just one operator, which every digital printer will understand the significance of. The most important aspect, of course, is that the first customers that we have produced work for using this system are delighted!”
Morgana’s DigiBook 300 can handle publication formats from 100 x 120mm through to a maximum of 450 x 300mm. Binding widths from just 1mm through to 50mm can be accommodated, along with cover weights up to 500gsm.
Commenting on the new PUR offering, Ray Hillhouse, Sales Manager of Morgana Systems, said: “PUR binding has been a growing requirement in the digital print environment due to the quality and strength of the bind provided. Our new DigiBook 300 is the ideal product for this market. Previously businesses have had to look at binding equipment costing in the region of £90,000 to get the quality and strength of bind required. This machines lists at less than half of that price, and is still capable of producing in excess of 2,000 books per working day – more than enough for most digital applications, and still only needs one machine operator.”
100% digital Concept Communications utilises a broad range of product from Morgana: “We have been big fans of Morgana for some eight years,” said Giles Bowes. “Back in the early days of our business, Morgana was one of the few companies to recognise the lack of post-press equipment specifically created for the digital sector. Because it has its own R&D department, and is a UK based manufacturing company, they have continued to come up with the very best finishing solutions for digital print providers like us – they understand the business issues with regard to processing digital print.”
Whilst previous PUR binding work has been out-sourced by Concept, the wheel has now turned full circle, confirmed Giles: “We have already received a number of enquiries regarding the DigiBook 300 from other digital print producers – such is the lack of good PUR binding facilities at the moment.”
Concept Communications utilises HP Indigo digital printing equipment to produce a wide range of short-run work, including a good percentage of personalised, variable data work for both agencies and end-user customers. “The uniqueness of digital print is that you can create very exciting personalised print. The industry really is still only scratching the surface, and we believe that we are now appreciably ahead of the game in this area,” said Giles Bowes. “Companies really need to understand the level of response rates that can be achieved: we regularly have customers reporting 20% response to individualised mailings. On a 20,000 print run that is very significant!”

We are big Morgana fans

Morgana was one of the few companies to recognise the lack of post-press equipment specifically created for the digital sector

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