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Morgana Makes It 25,000


25,000th Product

The 25,000th product to be made in the UK by Morgana Systems is seen coming off the production line at the company’s Milton Keynes headquarters. Fittingly, the machine in question is an AutoCreaser 50, the latest version of the product that set Morgana on its way to becoming an international leader in digital finishing when it was launched in 2000.
Pictured with the AutoCreaser are Morgana’s Production Manager, Martin Washington (left) and his deputy, Adrian Whybrow with the production staff behind. In common with 85% of the output from Morgana’s factory, this unit is destined for export – the machine in question having been sold to one of Morgana’s leading US dealers, E. Thomas Brett of Pennsylvania.
Commenting on the landmark 25,000 and the continuing popularity of the AutoCreaser, Morgana’s m.d. Quen Baum said that Morgana had started by making folders and numberers but production had increased dramatically with the introduction of the AutoCreaser, which was the first finishing product to address the specific problems posed by the digital print process. “Everyone now appreciates that digital output cracks when folded and that it has to be pre-creased”, he said, “but the AutoCreaser was the first product to provide high speed automated creasing at an affordable cost. There is still a high demand for it and it will continue to be an integral part of our range for the foreseeable future.”
The patented blade and matrix creasing mechanism devised for the AutoCreaser has since been incorporated into other successful Morgana digital finishing products such as the DigiFold and DocuMaster.

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