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ElectroCreaser 36 52 - Paper Creasing Machine

The semi-automatic ElectroCreaser 36 52 is the ideal unit for printers who need something faster than a manual creaser - such as the Morgana DocuCrease - but cannot justify the cost of a fully automated machine like the AutoCreaser.

Made in the UK, the ElectroCreaser is ideal for the smaller printer or inplant. The compact table-top creaser is fast to set up and simplicity itself to operate. Like other Morgana products, it employs a genuine blade and matrix action which, unlike scoring, will not cause any damage to the substrate, and will produce a superb crease on all types of stock up to 300 gsm.

It provides two creasing widths as standard, - 1.6mm and 1.2mm - with the ability to change from one to another in seconds. It also has a special ‘Super Speed’ stop system, which greatly simplifies jobs that call for multiple creases.

The creasing matrix is electronically activated by a foot switch for increased accuracy and productivity.

We recognise that as companies grow they may need to upgrade their Morgana equipment to more sophisticated or productive machines from within our portfolio. Our guaranteed upgrade path enables them to do this with the minimum of financial commitment and with guaranteed buy backs.

Download the Guaranteed Upgrade Path pdf

Product specifications:

  • Speed:  N/A
  • Dimensions: Height: 225mm - Width: 420mm - Length: 700mm
  • Electrical Requirements: 230V-240V - also 110V
  • Product Weight: 22kgs
  • Shipping Weight:  - -

Product manuals:


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